White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

An article that will explain what white water rafting is and how this could be a great activity for the whole family.

An amazing adventure for any family is a white water rafting trip. This may sound like a scary idea, one that is full of unforeseen dangers, but in reality there are many types of white water. White water is rated for intensity and a family can easily choose a river with a low rating for their first white water rafting trip.

A white water rafting trip for the whole family will require some pre-planning. You will want to ensure that you choose the right destination for your adventure. The two things to keep in mind are the safety of your family and family fun. With a little research about the area you plan to visit you can educate yourself about the sport and discover the best locations throughout the United States for white water rafting and family fun. Don’t forget to choose a destination that offers other activities for when you are not rafting.

White water rafting has developed a reputation as a dangerous sport over the past decades. While this reputation does not exemplify the entire sport, it can be dangerous. It is important to choose a slow river for your family’s first rafting experience. White water is based upon a rating system that ranges in intensity from one to five. A category one river is a slow and meandering river that will allow you to gently float downstream. As the numbers rise do does the force and speed of the river. A category five river is considered the most extreme, it offers a very fast current and huge white caps. A category one river is suggested for a family vacation.

There are many category one white water destinations in the world. Two in the United States are the New River in West Virginia and the Nantahala in Cherokee, North Carolina. Both of these rivers offer a nice slow ride in either rafts or inner tubes. The age of your children will help you determine whether you will use a raft or tubes. Young children, (children can usually go on rafting trips beginning at the age of eight), will most likely be comfortable in a raft with a parent. Good swimmers and children who are used to the water might enjoy using an inner tube to navigate the river.

No matter which type of water transportation your use you will want to reserve your white water vacation with an outfitter who offers training and a guide to take you down the river. Your guide will explain the equipment and how to use it. The outfitter will provide each person a helmet and life vest. These are essential items and you will not be allowed on the trip without them.

Many white water outfitters give you the option of camping at their location. Beautiful green spaces are set aside just for campers. Adding a camping trip to your white water family adventure will make your vacation one with memories that will last a lifetime.