How to Use Instagram in Your Marketing

Who couldve thought that Instagram would have become the web authority it is now in such a small amount of time? With over 100 Million users, and having been recently acquired by Facebook, things are indeed rocking at this widely used photo sharing site. Whats catching notice lately though is the revolutionary ways people are using Instagram, and nowhere is that more evident than in, of all places, Kuwait.

The Award for Ingenuity goes to Kuwait!

According to, Kuwaitis have taken to using Instagram as a visually oriented mobile store, selling just about anything they want. A few of the offerings you can find are Manga, clothing and fashion accessories, makeup services, and surprisingly, sheep! While selling sheep on Instagram is probably not your thing, you can appreciate the ingenuity of these people adapting Instagram for their own marketing purposes in uniquely innovative way. Theyve got products they wish to sell, they take a picture, upload it to their Instagram account, add a price and ask them to contact for more information or to purchase. Marketing at its simplest, on a world-wide scale!

What are the takeaways here for us?

The clearest reminder here is that to take advantage of a popular platforms traffic, you need to apply a bit of ingenuity and lateral thinking to the mix. While Instagram was not designed to be a sales platform, it has the ability for this, if even only on a rudimentary level. What ideas can you develop that might advance your business? Some marketers are employing Instagram to promote CPA (cost per action) offers. Because of the social sharing aspect, and the huge traffic on Instagram, it was inescapable. Other people are using it to direct to squeeze pages for list building purposes.

There are a lot of ways to use this, and the thinking is that now is the best time to go for it, as with Facebook, change is a constant, and things wont remain so Wild West-like.