How to Use Humor to Connect with Your Audience

The great 19th Century Irish playwright and humorist Oscar Wilde uttered these last words: Either this wallpaper goes, or I do. Why some enterprising wallpaper company hasnt used this is beyond me, but it does go to underscore the point that humor sells. Humor effectively disarms people, often by getting them to see your point in a way they hadnt thought of before, and initiates rapport where you might have had a difficult time creating some with your latest PowerPoint filed with facts. Art Linkletter told us that laughter is the best medicine, and he was spot on. It could be the cure for what ails your business too! Lets take a look at 4 ways to use humor in your small business marketing.

4 great ways to use humor in your marketing!

Take advantage of pop culture – This is a generation that has typically left the evening news favoring the likes of Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and the other late night mavens who have built careers around the daily misfortunes of celebrities, sports stars and politicians. Its all fair game, so dont hesitate to use your share if youre able to find ways to make it humorous. Getting the audience smiling and in a good spirits right off the bat can go quite some distance toward helping build rapport with them.

Make a funny video – Portraying your products or services in a humorous light will get people eager for your videos wondering what you will do next. Making these doesnt need to be a major production either, quite a few shoot them on their smartphones, that is by far enough camera. Another good tactic here is to use animated videos with services like GoAnimate or Xtranormaleasy to use apps to make your videos quickly.

Create a visual mashup – A good way to make the most of both humor and the wicked hot photo-sharing world is to make a humorous meme. These are almost required on Facebook, and can be a great ice breaker and are also able to be shared far and wide though Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and other sites.

Connect with humor in your content – Dont be afraid to be a bit unusual or scandalous in your content. People connect with humor as it is a shared experience. Weve all been there, and humor is an excellent way to engage on a level deeper than your average marketing message!