Traveling Lite: Finding the Perfect Day Bag

Traveling Lite: Finding the Perfect Day Bag

Traveling for extended amounts of time can leave you longing. More room, less weight and a better bag. A day bag is essential for everyone from the urban explorer to the outdoor adventurer. Follow these suggestions for choosing the perfect day bag.

The ideal day bag is this. A bag that can fit everything plus a little more for a full day of travel. This includes camera, accessories, map, journal, phone, wallet, and whatever you may accrue over the day.

The ideal day bag is comfortable. A bag that you will be comfortable carrying all day. The strap or straps must have padding and be easily adjustable. Personally I prefer messenger bags because of their versatility. With a messenger bag you can adjust which shoulder it’s on, the placement on your body and have quick access to all your gear.

Make sure your day bag is secure. Traveling abroad you’re a target for pro pickpockets and common thieves. A professional thief can open a velcroed bag or unzip a purse without you knowing it.  Find a bag that zips and buckles. I prefer Timbuk2 bags. Timbuk2 bags have waterroof linings, are very comfortable and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors


Your day bag should be able to fit comfortably inside your full sized travel bag.Don’t travel with a non-collapsable day bag. Be able to easily stuff your day bag inside your travel bag or strap it outside of your pack for when your on the road.

Find a bag big enough for everything you need to carry for a day and the things you will acquire.

Find a bag suitable for the elements you will be exposed too.

Comfort is key!

Find a bag that’s easy to store when it’s not full.

Find a safe bag that isn’t easy for thieves to get into.