Traveling Around the World

Traveling has always been an occasion to discover othe countries and populations. This is also a time to see other resources to help the industries to have more production and there are organizations like the Francophone and the Commonwealth which assist the populations to communicate through education for example.

Since many generous populations have travelled in the world either to look for other lands to build their homes or farms like in South Africa, the United States of America and South America. The other reason for travelling was to look for raw materials which are now on the stock markets for example mineral resources, coffee, tea and cotton.

So, the international organisations for example the Francophone and the Commonwealth should be more known by the populations in order to allow populations to know about the countries within they work for. French is the language spoken for example in France of course, Switzerland and Belgium for example. French is spoken in many African countries for example Algeria, Senegal and Cameroun. French is one of the official language of Canada which is mostly spoken in the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. French is also spoken in Asia for example in Vietnam and Laos. English is spoken in many parts of the world mostly in the United States of America where it is considered as American. English is an official language of Canada. English is also spoken in Nigeria, Cameroun and Kenya. English is mainly spoken in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Therefore, this can go on an on if other populations from other countries are invited to visit the Francophone or Commonwealth countries and this does not exclude the natives of the Francophone and Commonwealth countries to do the same thing.