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  • Traveling Around the World

    Traveling has always been an occasion to discover othe countries and populations. This is also a time to see other resources to help the industries to have more production and there are organizations like the Francophone and the Commonwealth which

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  • Five Best Travel Destinations

    Five of the best travel destinations.

    Thinking of traveling soon but can’t figure out where you should go, well just keep reading this article for the top seven best places to travel in the world.

    South Beach, Florida

    The number

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  • Shipwrecks

    We normally associate shipwrecks with the bottom of the sea but many ships end up on or near beaches. Here is a selection of amazing pictures of shipwrecks from around the world.

    Image Credit

    This is what happens when you

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  • Best Summer Vacation

    Come and visit the Caribbean for summer with your Family.

    Summer is the right time and the Caribbean is the right place, and you want to know why? because the Caribbean has everything you need for summer vacations, it has:

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  • Montenegro

    My travel to Montenegro.

    The trip to Montenegro At me was from August, 5 till August, 16th. For this period we have gone round Carpathians. Here some photos

    We have begun a trip with Vilnius – present capital of culture

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  • Nifty Packing Tips for Your Next Vacation

    If you are traveling anytime soon and dread packing like me then here are some tips you can use to make it a little less painful.

    In an episode of the TV show “Friends”, Chandler is trying to get away

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  • My Airline Experiences

    How did you feel?


    This is usually what I am saying when I get off an airplane. Anyone that has ever ridden in a plane probably know the feeling. When I get off, I feel ready to kiss the

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