Travel Must Haves

Travel Must Haves

An article that will help you with the list of must haves when going on holidays.

It seems as if the market is flooded with items to make our travel experiences easier and more comfortable. You can almost count on finding new travel item whenever you open a magazine or watch a travel program. How do you know which items are actually worth the price? Sometimes it is a gamble but a little research can help you determine if the items have been useful for other travelers.

All travelers need comfortable shoes and there are many choices of shoes available. Long waits in security lines, long walking distances in airports, and the tendency of feet to swell at high altitudes makes comfortable shoes a necessity. If the weather is warm sandals with a strap may be your best bet as they will let your feet breathe. Look for a sandal that offers support and does not have a slippery sole. Crocs are fabulous for travel. They are easy to get on and off at security checkpoints and come in a large variety of styles. Tennis shoes that offer good support are also always a good bet.

Make it a point to limit the electronic devices you plan to carry with you when you travel. Everyone in the security checkpoint line will be annoyed with the person who pulls a beeper, a cell phone, a camera, a gaming device, and any other of the multitude of palm size electronic gadgets from his pockets. This is a sure fire way to hold up the line and get a crowd of people angry. And if this doesn’t convince you to leave the majority of your technology home, think about having to tote around all those charges and remember to charge everything each night. Doesn’t sound like much fun does it? An option to carrying all of these devices is to buy one of the devices that do everything from check email to take photos. These new phones are a huge space and time saver.

For travels who love to read they will want to add one space saving electronic device to their list of carryon items. One of the new electronic readers is a great idea for travelers. You will never have to haul a load of books with you again. Many books, almost all new release, are now available for download and can be read on an electronic reading device. These devices hold many books and also give you access to magazines and newspapers. After the advice to cull your hi-tech needs it might sound odd to encourage you to buy yet one more piece of technology, but this amazing creation will really lighten your load.

Take the time to do your own research and ask your friends who travel frequently what items work and which ones are not worth their price. You will be amazed at the time and space saving items for business and pleasure travelers. Travel items also make great gift items for a traveler you know!