Ten Places to Go to in This Life

10 places you should definitely see before you die.


These are, in my opinion, some of the best places to go… ever.

10. Yellowstone National Park. Some of the sights are unforgettable, and almost all of them are incredibly pretty. Plus, it has WATERFALLS! YAY WATERFALLS!

9. Betty’s Pies on the North Shore. Even if you hate pie, you’ll like their pies. Trust me.

8. The Caribbean. I realize this is a VERY broad area to go to, but that makes it all the easier to go to, right? I’m in particular talking about the coastal areas. Besides often having a very nice nightlife, they also have some of the prettiest waters that there are.

7. Minnesotan North Shore. Really nice all around.

6. Angel Falls, Mexico. If you need to know why I’m suggesting this, google for some photos of it. You’ll understand.

5. Las Vegas. This is more for the urbanite- Even if you don’t gamble, they have very nice stage performances and incredible food.

4.Auckland, New Zealand. I personally have not been there, but from what I hear, they have very nice views and a good nightlife. And tourist-traps, of course.

3. Statue of Liberty. This is at american citizens. If you ever get the chance, go up to the top. It’s just something you should do as a citizen.

2. Coastal Antarctica, by South America. Pretty wildlife, pretty landscapes, and pretty waters. If you go on a large cruise ship, you also get really good food!
Only reason it’s not number one is because of the Drake Passage- it can be nasty if you get seasick easily- bring anti-motion sickness pills.

1. Cape Horn. In my opinion, this is simply the most beautiful place there is. Period.