Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Traveling is not what it used to be and now there are many restrictions and things to be considered when going away. Read this article to find some useful tips for your next vacation.

Air travel in the post 9-11 world is much different than in the past. In under a decade the security procedures of almost every airport in the world have undergone dramatic changes. While it is well known that getting through security takes quite a bit of time there are things you can do to speed up the airport security process.

The most important thing for a traveler to remember is that many items are now restricted. Don’t let a bottle of mouthwash slow you down when going through security. One of the many new restrictions is that no liquids over three ounces are allowed through security. As the security regulations are constantly changing it is important to check with your airline before departure. Knowing what you can and cannot bring on board will speed up your security checkpoint wait.

Another trick to help you get to your gate faster is to be prepared to go through the X-Ray scanner. As you are waiting in line use your time wisely by removing anything metal from your body such as jewelry and belts. You can even go ahead and remove your shoes as that will be a necessary part of the security check. Shoes are checked to make sure there are no illegal substances in the soles.

Before getting to the airport you can also find out the exact security procedures. How many checkpoints will you need to go through? Will your checked luggage also be searched? Both of these things will add time to your wait and you will need to get to the airport early enough to still make your flight. Remember, the day you travel also has an effect on wait time at security checkpoints. Weekday lines seem to always be shorter than the ones on weekends. Weekend travels are not as experienced in going through the security procedures hold up the lines as do older travelers and children. You should plan for a long wait if you are traveling on the weekend rather than during the week.

There is new way currently being tested to make the security checkpoint process quicker for frequent travelers. This new program allows frequent flyers to pay a fee for a security pass. The company issuing the pass will run a thorough background and security check on the person applying. If the person passes all tests they will be issued a security pass and be able to avoid the long checkpoint process. It has not been determined if pass holders will still have a minimal security line designated for them to pass through.

There are many other tips and tricks to help speed up the security checkpoint process but no matter what you do there is a large chance you will still have a wait. It is important to be patient and respectful of the security process. The security officers are following procedures and doing their job. If a person becomes too outraged about their wait he may not be able to board his plane.