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  • Is Asanas post-email world possible? Desirable?


    Today I noticed an announcement on the Asana blog (we use their AWESOME project management software) about their new “Inbox” feature.

    As a new and passionate Asana fan, I was immediately intrigued “Ooooh, what new awesomeness has Asana cooked up …

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  • Is email testing a waste of time?

    Is email testing a waste of time?

    Always the contrarian, Ben Settle tries to make the case that testing email campaigns is …

    1. Impossible
    2. A big waste of time anyway

    “I take great pleasure in tipping sacred cows … ” Settle writes. “Whenever someone says they ‘scientifically …

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  • Website Testing Tip: Browser Compatibility Testing Tool

    Learn how you can make your cross browser website testing easier with CrossBrowserTesting.com. You no longer have to have extra computers lying around with different configurations to test now you can test your site in any browser or OS configuration …

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