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  • New Tools to Help with Mobile Marketing

    As a marketing approach deeply entrenched in a fast-growing technology, were seeing that new tools are constantly coming around to help us either improve, keep up with, or use these new gadgets. Here are 3 new tools weve discovered that …

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  • What Not to Do On Facebook

    For you fans of Kitchen Nightmares starring Gordon Ramsey, you must still be reveling in the social brouhaha that exploded following an episode in early May. Owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of Amys Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz. didnt feel …

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  • Which Metrics Dont Matter and Why!

    The term vanity metrics has made its way into the marketing vocabulary lately, and for good reason. What many use to determine results can very often be misleading and because of this, its worth taking a look at several of …

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  • There is Life Beyond Groupon and Living Social

    Many small business ownesr are asking not only if Groupon and LivingSocial going to remain afloat, but are they a viable option for smaller business such as theirs? Or will a smaller daily deal site be more likely to be …

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  • 4 Tips for Using #Hashtags Effectively

    If youre like many a newcomer to social media marketing, and especially Twitter, you may not have a keen understanding of exactly what a #hashtag even is. Lets clear that up from the start. A hashtag is a convention used …

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