Now That Twitter Ads Are Available to All, Is Twitter the Tool of Choice Now?

Twitter announced on April 30th that its ad platform is open to all who would like to give it a try. For over a year testers have been using the program, and Twitter has been asking for user feedback and tweaking Twitter ads. The significant difference in this ad platform would be that you are charged when anyone follows your promoted account from your ad, or someone retweets, replies, favorites or clicks on your promoted tweets. It has been a long while coming, and the jury is still out just how effective it will be, but some of the questions it brings to mind are indeed interesting. Like, for example, is Twitter now a viable alternate to Facebook? Who wins in a head-to-head showdown?

Facebook vs. Twitter!

Back in the day, (a couple of years ago) this would have been no contest. Now not so fast. To be sure, there are many variables that will factor into who takes home the crown. I suspect that the answer in fact may be, it depends. Facebook has long been the undisputed King of social media, what with the practical advantages it had. The first huge network to utilize business and personal pages, along with an ad platform that for those who know how to use it, that rivals anything Google aspires to.

The Case for Facebook

While Facebook has been the undisputed King of social media, given that it was the first huge network to utilize personal and business pages, in addition to a robust ad platform that often surpasses Google at its own game. Combine the ubiquitous Facebook pages and the reach of its network with more than a billion users and youve got a very impressive platform. Facebook is now far more than a site where you can find old friends. These days, with these elements and the ever growing groups feature, there is little more you can want from a social media platform.

Twitters Up

Twitter has always had the extra edge when it came to immediacy, and it has developed several very useful applications, such as advanced search for leads, along with the opportunity to use embedded Tweets as testimonials. (Terrific social proof!) Its a wonderful platform (though underused) for handling your companys customer service. Even though the length of the content you are able to share has limitations, Twitters speed and ability to reach out quickly have now gotten them breathing the same air as Facebook.

Take some time to find where your market is, and what social outlets they use best, and then see if that one (Or both of them!) fits your business!.