My Airline Experiences

How did you feel?


This is usually what I am saying when I get off an airplane. Anyone that has ever ridden in a plane probably know the feeling. When I get off, I feel ready to kiss the ground, regardless of where I am and how many people have walked on that spot.

In spite of this, I love flying.

The sights you see at takeoff and landing…

The sudden jerks from turbulence…

The small bathrooms and extremely loud toilets…

The food that smells like puke but tastes excellent…

It all reminds me that when I get to where I am going, I will be so happy… Usually, when I am on a plane, I am going to one place: Scotland. It is totally my favorite place to be. We live in AZ, so we have to take 2-3 flights. One lasts about 3 hrs, ( to Chicago) the next 9 hr, (to London), and the next, to Edinburgh. (this is the shortest flight and takes about an hour.) It used to be, on the 9 hour flight, you would have to sit there and read, or watch the movies down the center aisle. But now, there is a built-in movie screen in the back of the seat in front of you. That doesn’t sound so great, but really, you can watch a huge variety of movies, and even play games! Some of the games I played were Poker, Blackjack, Tetris, pacman, and other classics. In the gambling games, I didn’t even have to use real money. I started out with $1000 dollars and most of the time ended up with about two to three thousand dollars. That’s when I was sad it wasnt real…

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The departure of an airplane is SO much fun. If not for anything else, ride on an airplane for the departure. The sight of the ground getting smaller and the cars looking like they are on a conveyor belt is so awesome, there’s just something magical about it. During the time before you actually start going is like the calm before a battle. It’s almost frightening if it’s your first remembered flight, because you don’t really know what’s going to happen, but your parents tell you it’ll be fine. It usually is. Oh god, the last time we went on an airplane, we left from Chicago when Barack Obama was officially becoming the Democratic nominee, and fireworks were going off in Chicago like young birds from a nest. In spite of this, they looked TINY. That just goes to show how high up you can go in an airplane without realizing.

(First published by malcom through Triond)

Anyways, the food. The smell of the food being prepared makes me want to vomit. But when that food sits on the fold out tray in front of you, it looks like a gift from god. Its true that some airplane food sucks as bad as rotten meatballs, but some is really, really good!

(First published by malcom through Triond)

The reason I usually travel in an airplane is because I am going to Scotland. Scotland is my favorite place in the whole world, for several reasons. Most of my family lives in Scotland. My Grandma, my Aunt, my Uncle, A whole bunch of cousins, and alot of my family history.

(First published by malcom through Triond)

Scotland has so many things to do. I usually go to Edinburgh, so I can’t tell me much about the rest of it. Edinburgh has things like…

  • Dynamic earth: This dynamic exhibition of earth is so much fun, I make my mom take me every year. My favorite exhibit is the one where you sit in moving chairs, and push buttons to make society take different turns.
  • The castle: This place is pure historical awesomeness. It has real cannons, St Margarets chapel, the armory which contains things such as sir Wallaces sword. It is a huge two hander sword, that is more heavy than my Dad or I could probably. There are also the dungeons, which shows a reenaction of how prisoners would have lived. Now mind you, it’s just wax figures sitting in cots, but they’re real enough.
  • The Princes’ street garens. This place is great for kids to play in, and they have tons and tons of awesome huge play structures. They are also great place to have a picnic or have an ice cream and watch some buskers play some music. Bring a couple of pounds (the currency) in change to give out, because thats the whole reason they play such wonderul music for you. To earn a couple of quid.
  • And many more historical attractions, and a great haunted house, called the Edinburgh dungeon creepy and gore ahoy!

(First published by malcom through triond)

The leaving is ALWAYS the worst part of the trip. Always. šŸ™ We have to leave our relatives, our flat (apartment), and all the fun we have. We also have to go back to daily boring life at home. Since going for 2 weeks or less is not enough for the money it costs to go, we only go during the summer vacation, and my dad gets some time off from work. The flight home is just one big sadness, although it gives us time to reflect on all the wonderful times we just had. On the last leg of the journey, about two years ago, I fell asleep leaning on my arm with my hand against my cheek. I didn’t even know it was possible to fall asleep like that! When we arrived home, it was 10:00 o’clock P.M., and everything was pitch-black in our house. But when I fell asleep on my bed, everything seemed so peaceful…

The end

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