Help! My Underwear is Showing

Help! My Underwear is Showing

Nothing is more embarrassing that walking through an airport with a suitcase that has been packed so full the items are trailing out behind you. Read this article to learn some tips when packing for your next trip.

Nothing is more embarrassing that walking through an airport with a suitcase that has been packed so full the items are trailing out behind you. Whatever falls out when the zipper finally bursts will, of course, be your underwear. Right? And what about trying to cram everything back in your over packed luggage after a security check? It is both frustrating and embarrassing.

Packing wisely can eliminate this frustration and embarrassment. It can also be a big time saver when you don’t have to send all your clothes out to be ironed because they have been stuffed and wadded up for hours. There are tricks to packing wisely and once you learn them you will wonder why you didn’t think of these easy packing tips yourself.

Many people know about packing clothes with tissue paper. Conventional wisdom says that folding your clothes with a piece of tissue paper will prevent the clothes from wrinkling. This actually works and is an easy way to prevent wrinkles in your clothing.

You may not be aware that you can use bubble wrap in much the same way. Bubble wrap is used like tissue paper and clothes can be folded with the bubble wrap. Because the bubble wrap actually offers a “cushion” to the fabric it seems to work better than the tried and true tissue paper. You can also save the bubble wrap to transport any fragile souvenirs home from a vacation.

Soft sided luggage has had drawbacks in the past but the problems of rips and tears in the fabric of the luggage have been addressed and today’s soft sided luggage is very sturdy. Soft sided luggage allows your packed items more room and is somewhat expandable. It still is not advisable to over pack your suitcase no matter how sturdy it is. Take time to cull out the items you do not need for your trip and take only the things you need.

Do not try to cram your sports gear into a regular suitcase. There are special bags made for most sports items such as tennis rackets and golf clubs. These bags are made to keep these items safe and will also make the items easier to transport. The unusual shapes of most sports items can cause your luggage to extend in an odd manner and it may not ever go back to it’s original form.

For the traveler who still insists on bringing everything they own, (and also for the traveler with a heavy briefcase), an inexpensive item from the baby department will solve at least one of your problems. Heavy luggage, including briefcases, has a tendency to press into the skin of your shoulder because of their weight. This can be very uncomfortable. The cushiony car seat belt protectors made for child car seats is the perfect solution. Buy one of these and you can wrap it around your shoulder strap and fasten it with the attached Velcro. This will keep the heavy bag from digging into your shoulder.