Another Three Wonderful Places on Earth

Here are another three great places to visit, if you get the chance.



The Athens Acropolis is one of the most representative of the Greek acropolis. It stands on a high hill, in order to prevent the city from  enemy attacks. Inside of this city, there exists one of the most known buildings in the world: The Parthenon. This acropolis is also known as Cecropia, because of the first Athenian king: Cecrope.


It stands at a height of 156 meters above the sea level, in Athens, the capital city of Greece. Apart from the Parthenon, inside this city there are great buildings, like temples, markets, and theatres.


What? It is a Neolithic monument, which was made in the Bronze Age. It is conformed by big stone blocks, distributed in four circles. Also, as it has been investigated, the results were shocking: It seems to be a giant clock.

Where? It is located in Great Britain, at a distance of 13 kilometers from Salisbury, England. It was also named UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When? The date of its construction has been impossible to solve for lots of archeologists. While some evidence reveals that the stontes were erected around 2500BC, some others were dated from 3100 to 2000BC.

Easter Islands

Where? Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is a polynesian island located in the Pacific Ocean, at 3,600 km from Chile.

What? It is known by all the world because of the stone monuments that stand on its surface. But what is a mistery is how could the inhabitants of this island create and erect these stones, being at almost 4000km from the nearest coast.